Stream Team

Stream Team

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BOT Heiser - YouTube Live Streams 

BOT Hailey - Hitbox username is HaileyBellaird

BOT PrivateQuantum - Hitbox username is PrivateQuantum

BOT Zek - Hitbox username is Zek

BOT Wombo - Hitbox username is Womb0

BOT GCK - Hitbox username is n00bmuch

BOT Aseera - Hitbox username is Aseeraa

BOT SetZ - Hitbox username is ImSetZ

BOT Vic - Hitbox username is VicThaDaddy

BOT VuDude - Hitbox username is VuDude

BOT Berwick - Hitbox username is Pking

  • BOTEmpireCEO

    Jake Heiserman

    Owner and Founder of BOT Empire...Read More

  • TzZek


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  • HaileyBellaird

    My name is Hailey and I am 14. I am a girl who enjoys to play video games, make music and graphic design. I am a streamer, content creator and graphic designer under Bot Empire and I hope to make Bot grow! I have a youtube channel with over 500 subscribers and I hope to help grow the Bot channel as well. ...Read More

  • PrivateQuantum

    Joe McGinnis

    Hi! I'm PrivateQuantum or PQ for short. I'm a Smash 4 streamer/player for BOT Empire. I've been in the Smash community for over a year and have met a ton of great people. I stream at least once per week (depending on my school schedule) and stream 80% Smash 4, 15% Pokkén Tournament, and 5% Splatoon. I main sheik and I'm searching for a secondary....Read More


    TJ Rudy

    I go by GCK "GoodChristianKid" and I mainly play LoL and some COD! I will be making vidoes on Lol and streaming for most of what I do. I might also get more into Rocket League to have fun with it. and More

  • Antihero

    Jared Burns

    My name is Jared aka Antihero. I'm 18 years old, and I am a professional Smash Bros Melee player for BOT Empire. I speedrun Quake for the PC, StarCraft fanatic, weekly live streamer on Hitbox, I'm also a two time melee champion ^^ Follow me on Twitter @BOT_Antihero...Read More

  • Aseeraa

    Miranda N

    Hey guys, I'm Aseeraa (uh-see-rah) aka Miranda (either is fine). I'm new to the BOT family but I've got a small following on Hitbox. I aim to grow my stream but hope to help and boost the rest of the guys on here as well. I'm a team player and I've never liked gaming alone.  I currently stream Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3. As new games come out I'm sure that will change a little (WoW, Uncharted 4) but I mostly stream PC games. I have an Xbox One but I don't play it too often. Possibly with the right people I could get back to FPS but I'll only convert if I've got a decent group that's okay with taking a newbie along. Google Fiber will be here very soon so I'm also looking forward to the improved internet speeds/connection.  In RL I'm going to school to be a software developer. I'd like to focus on the CSS and web design side but I haven't really narrowed it down yet. For now I'm just a programmer in general. I have plenty of software and I am capable of creating vids and content I just struggle with the creative side sometimes. I will continue to improve on all aspects of game content but my main focus right now is streaming. I'd really like to stream with a couple of people as I haven't done that before. I also play D&D on a weekly basis so roll20 is something I'm looking into as well. I have limited DM experience but I hope to practice. I think it'd be a good mixup on my stream and I think people could really enjoy themselves. Fifth edition is where it's at. As I said please feel free to add me and let me know if there's anything I can help you with. Moderating is also something I can do if you have times that you will be streaming.  Happy Gaming!...Read More

  • SetZ

    Ryan Setzer

    ...Read More

  • VicTheDaddy

    Victor T

    Hey I'm Vic! I'm a retired competitive C.O.D. Player. Currently I'm into competitive CSGO. I have an addiction to Csgo wild ;). My favorite thing to do on stream is play/interact with viewers! My hobbies out side of streaming are: fishing and Photoshop. I work part time at a supermarket. I'm 16 years old. I'm in high school. My favorite color is red. And I love technology!...Read More

  • VuDude

    ...Read More

  • BerwickPkr


    Hello my name is Nathan. I am a RuneScape video maker / streamer. I've decided to do a bit of Counter Strike to mix things up a bit. I also do a bit of e sport too! I have been video making for over 5 years now and also have been streaming for over 1 year. I have a Youtube channel with over 2.5k subscribers and a hitbox with over 400 followers . I am a Exclusive hitbox partner! I get along with anyone, if you need my help I am always here to help and to give advice if needed. I also do abit of graphics but I am not a pro. Nice to meet ya....Read More