Content Team

Content Team

This section lists out the members of our BOT Content team! Our content team is our primary creators on YouTube as well as our event commentator Nightwing! If you would like to know more about these creative minds, feel free to check out their profiles below! #BOTFam

BOT Nightwing - Midwest Smash Commentator

BOT Alecky - Tuesday Uploads on YouTube (Call of Duty Content) :

BOT Zek - Wednesday Uploads on YouTube (CS:GO, H1Z1, and Minecraft Content) :

BOT Berwick - Thursday Uploads on YouTube (Counter Strike and RuneScape Content) :

BOT Ambrose - Friday Uploads on YouTube (Call of Duty Content) :

BOT GCK - Sunday Uploads on YouTube (League of Legends Content) :

BOT Hailey - Filler Uploads on YouTube (Call of Duty Content) :

BOT Owen - Speed Art and Design Content :


  • Nightwing

    Kyle Weis

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  • TzZek


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    TJ Rudy

    I go by GCK "GoodChristianKid" and I mainly play LoL and some COD! I will be making vidoes on Lol and streaming for most of what I do. I might also get more into Rocket League to have fun with it. and More

  • HaileyBellaird

    My name is Hailey and I am 14. I am a girl who enjoys to play video games, make music and graphic design. I am a streamer, content creator and graphic designer under Bot Empire and I hope to make Bot grow! I have a youtube channel with over 500 subscribers and I hope to help grow the Bot channel as well. ...Read More

  • BerwickPkr


    Hello my name is Nathan. I am a RuneScape video maker / streamer. I've decided to do a bit of Counter Strike to mix things up a bit. I also do a bit of e sport too! I have been video making for over 5 years now and also have been streaming for over 1 year. I have a Youtube channel with over 2.5k subscribers and a hitbox with over 400 followers . I am a Exclusive hitbox partner! I get along with anyone, if you need my help I am always here to help and to give advice if needed. I also do abit of graphics but I am not a pro. Nice to meet ya....Read More

  • OwenDesigns

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